Relaxing in RIo

Three Days in Rio 

Day 1
- Christ the Redeemer
The most recognized image of Brazil atop of Cocovado hill.  A 360º viewpoint facing a spectacular combination of mountains, sea, rivers, islands, forest and densely populated areas.

- Beaches Sightseeing
Get to know our beach culture that elevates Rio's beaches to a social icon that shapes the behavior of the locals..

- Downtown
The city is an open-air museum with all set for you to maximize your stay and get the most of it. A one-hour walking through rich architecture from Colonial to Contemporary styles will expose you 500 years of history.

- Typical Brazilian Lunch
Brazil is a melting pot of colors, languages and customs. Our cuisine is similarly varied. You will be introduced to what we name as "Botequim". A very informal place offering various types of dishes and ingredients.

Duration : 8 hours

Day 2

- Sugar Loaf
As main attraction, Sugar Loaf mountain offers the visitors a contemplative look of Rio's silhouette other than proving an opportunity to understand our 5th-century year old history.

- Fruits and Vegetables Market
A myriad of  fruits and vegetables in a mix of colors, smells and tastes.

Duration : 4 hours.

- Samba Bar Eve
Live music at a traditional Samba bars is where locals go out for dancing, having a drink, dining and meeting up with friends. Attended by people of all ages, they are family places representing an important part of our culture.

Duration : 4.5 hours.

Day 3

- Favela Tour
Going through a great transformation process, Rio Slums is where 20% of the city's population live. Get an unique insight into the vibrant spirit of their people while walking through the alleys is a very enlightening experience.

- Botanical Garden
Come to stroll through the border between the city of concrete and the rain forest. You will be surrounded by flowers, centenary trees and wildlife. Our garden is one of the top ten largest in the world.  A real proof of how nature can impose its supremacy!

- Salad Bar Lunch

Salad bars are Brazilian-style restaurants serving a variety of healthy, cold and warm dishes in an innovated fast-food way. Delicacies are served according to your pick.

Duration : 6 hours

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